Our Early Years Classes are tailored to encourage all the skills a child requires for their first steps towards and attending school.

Encouraging independence: we ask parents to leave their children at the door in the capable hands of our expert Early Years Tutors. We understand that this can sometimes be a little scary, however, our tutors are experienced in settling children into the classes and parents are always surprised at how quickly their child's confidence grows.

A ll our classes help children to develop Speaking And Listening Skills through call and response, basic recitaland role play techniques which in turn leads to a shared understanding, effective communication and co-operation.

Really caring and supportive tutors create a comfortable relaxed environment where children feel safe to express themselves and in turn grow in confidence.

Language Skills: During our drama sessions we introduce children to poetry, factual and fictional stories to enhance and enrich their vocabulary.

Your childs physical development is encouraged through our movement classes. Each term we cover three key skills to help develop fine motor skills including hopping, skipping and balancing.

Young children need very little encouragement to ask questions. During our classes we embrace their natural curiosity by exploring different topics and themes.

Empathy and understanding is encouraged through role play and games. Children are encouraged to show their emotions and feelings and in turn their peers will relate to each other.

A performance is presented at the end of each term for family and friends, children perform all the pieces they have been working on in class.

Rhythm, Rhyme and Melody are over covered in our singing sessions.

Social Skills: Learning to share, take turns, co-operate, discuss, negotiate and problem-solve are all supported and encouraged during our classes.


Our Early Years Performing Arts Class is an exciting way for our younger children to start developing confidence, self-expression & creativity whilst learning.

Children enjoy 3 x 30 minute sessions of acting,

singing and dance.

Classes run on Saturday Mornings during term time.

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